Technical Events


Technical events are the core to IMAZE’17, inclusive of combination of events covering each engineering branch, carefully thought and created in order for you to accept our challenges and win prizes if you can crack it to the top!

03 > 04 Nov  |  program.conferences.hours

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Non Technical events


All work with equal fun makes the event an utterly successful one! Having said that, our non-technical events are an unavoidable mix of mind boggling tasks, brain-teasing riddles, series of euphoric challenges and physical/mental exertion for all you fun-lovers out there!

03 > 05 Nov  |  program.workshops.hours

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KIKK Market


We have aimed at providing an outlet for all tech-savvy students, enthused via means of brilliance of science and technology, to receive an opportunity to learn, discover and explore latest technological advancements in their fields of engineering.

03 > 05 Nov  |

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Memo<br />



"I really love this crazy idea that long ago a distant dying alien civilization encoded their history into the DNA of a bacteria and sent rockets out in all directions."

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Project Competition


A state level Project Competition, hosted for all final year engineering students to participate in three successive rounds of filtration, leading to the best project work. Inviting all students of the state to fight for cash prizes worth of 3 lakhs, this competition is divided into 4 sub-categories of engineering branches, each eligible to claim the title, by going through test of proper presentation, explanation and implementation of your work. Grab on for a strong head-start into the battle of the best!

03 > 12 Nov  |  program.artworks.hours

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